I’m looking for a used sail yacht between 65-75ft. Do any of you know where i can get the best deals?


I’ve been searching online and on the newspaper but they are all way above budget (US,000).

Do any of you know where i can find cheap 65-75ft sail yachts (non-luxury kind)?
EDIT (update on budget): Thanks to sponcership, I have expended my budget to US0,000.

Anyone knows where i can get a decent 70ft cross-ocean sail voyager for a crew of 3 men?


It is possible to buy an inexpensive yacht of this size, however I feel that your budget is a little bit low to buy anything seaworthy. Lets just remember that there
‘is no such thing as a cheap boat’ A) why is the price low? B) is it going to cost more than an equivalent, better condition boat to fix?
Also, I presume that you don’t have a huge budget for running the yacht? the fuel costs, haul out charges, berthing, sail repairs, halyard replacement, etc are going to be 4 times more that a boat of 40 feet. Why don’t you get an affordable, smaller boat?
However, it is possible to go to India (or somewhere similar) and buy a locally made boat. I have also heard that there are cheap, blue water yachts up the west coast of Africa that have been ‘abandoned’. Boats in Hawaii are also supposed to be cheap, but I think the cheap ones are between 30-35ft, ie to small to sail comfortably 2000nm uphill back to the mainland.
You may also find a very cheap concrete boat of this size, but typically the wire will be rusty and it will be a nightmare.
You will never find a bargain without doing the leg work, if you are out and about, cruising marinas, talking to yachties, hanging out in cruisers bars, buying beers, you may hear of something.

Lets face it, if I knew of a 70 ft boat that only needed a lick of paint for ,000 I would buy it.

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Careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
Beware of cheap large yachts.

Dave M

Yup…Yachtworld is one. Ebaymotors(www.motors.ebay.com) is another. You’ve missed out on a couple nice schooners and unfinished Roberts designs. WWW. Bentboats.com is another and yachtsalvage.com for storm damaged boats.

45 cal

Try looking under donated boats>


call and use a yacht broker – these guys earn their money! they know whats available in their area (even boats that arent listed!)

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