I’ve been searching online and on the newspaper but they are all way above budget (US,000).

Do any of you know where i can find cheap 65-75ft sail yachts (non-luxury kind)?
EDIT (update on budget): Thanks to sponcership, I have expended my budget to US0,000.

Anyone knows where i can get a decent 70ft cross-ocean sail voyager for a crew of 3 men?


It is possible to buy an inexpensive yacht of this size, however I feel that your budget is a little bit low to buy anything seaworthy. Lets just remember that there
‘is no such thing as a cheap boat’ A) why is the price low? B) is it going to cost more than an equivalent, better condition boat to fix?
Also, I presume that you don’t have a huge budget for running the yacht? the fuel costs, haul out charges, berthing, sail repairs, halyard replacement, etc are going to be 4 times more that a boat of 40 feet. Why don’t you get an affordable, smaller boat?
However, it is possible to go to India (or somewhere similar) and buy a locally made boat. I have also heard that there are cheap, blue water yachts up the west coast of Africa that have been ‘abandoned’. Boats in Hawaii are also supposed to be cheap, but I think the cheap ones are between 30-35ft, ie to small to sail comfortably 2000nm uphill back to the mainland.
You may also find a very cheap concrete boat of this size, but typically the wire will be rusty and it will be a nightmare.
You will never find a bargain without doing the leg work, if you are out and about, cruising marinas, talking to yachties, hanging out in cruisers bars, buying beers, you may hear of something.

Lets face it, if I knew of a 70 ft boat that only needed a lick of paint for ,000 I would buy it.

I am an experieced model boat builder who would like to venture into racing sailing yachts. I am atotal novice in the field of radio control and the only books seem to be ancient and uninformative on up to date techniques


I would have thought the best place to start would be your local model shop,or maybe take a trip on a Sunday morning to your local park or yachting pool and have a chat with some local members.
or look for a copy of model boats,or contact the Society for licencing these boats, or browse the
internet… I used to make,build model aircraft mostly to scale,and fly them…why don’t you build a
Flying boat,you get the best of 2 dimensional and 3……bye..D.

My characters, five women and the butler, have a 60ft sailing yacht. They have all the time and money they need. Where should they go? They are seeking adventure.


definatly croatia they have the most buetifal places for tourists such as dubrovnik, hvar, kukljica, zadar, and opatija

How much mileage does a sailing yacht give? And how much do they cost in India?
Does it have to be imported in India?
Any website that gives all info on buyin/renting one is appreciated.


most cruising sailboats are displacement hulls and are equipped with either a small diesel, or gas inboard or gas outboard. displacement hulls are slow speed hulls that are efficient through the water and get good fuel economy.

a sailboats mileage will dependent on many factors, but when under sail they have great range with no need to use the engine except in some cases to recharge the batteries.

there are cases of sailboats traveling around the world with out any engines on board.

hope this helps

You may want to consider the idea of getting an offshore marine job carefully because it’s not for the faint of heart, should you be fancying it. Doing offshore tasks is a matter that is really serious, particularly when you will be hired as a construction worker in the middle of the ocean. Anything can occur in a marine environment and risks are as real as it can get.

In order to be qualified for offshore marine employment, the very first thing you’ll have to get is proper training. The kind of training you will get will change depending on which state you want to seek employment from, although it will typically involve security processes and knowing how to proceed in a case of impending risk or an urgent situation.

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You must remember that international marine occupations is not only physically demanding but it’s also emotionally draining too. Only imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean. Home and your workplace will soon be in the centre of the ocean too for several months at a time.

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If you’re intending to get their residence moved to a different area, storage and transport of possessions are principal priorities which can be taken care of by a Hong Kong storage company. The price of acquiring a compact house isn’t very cheap nowadays, and it’s really vital that you make the most of the space inside it. If you’re planning to take a family vacation in the near future, acquiring the assistance of a storage company is preferred. Seeing that storage companies deliver high-security storage, property owners won’t need to bother about the safety of their valuables. Realizing this, there are particular elements that a home-owner must think about before dealing with a particular storage company.

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Ask storage companies to explain their conditions and terms to you first just before availing any of their solutions. Go through all the details closely and be sure you say yes to all of them to ensure you stay clear of any possible problems. It may be recommended that you verify their guidelines on settlement timetables and make certain that they don’t automatically auction items in case you don’t make payment punctually. Different businesses will also have different settlement alternatives. In case you need manpower or trucking services, you can also ask the storage firm in case they have these available, but keep in mind they will charge you accordingly for these too.

If you’d like to improve the secureness of your valuable items while inside a Hong Kong storage firm, you can also want to think about insurance policy. Prior to attempting to obtain insurance plan, ensure you figure out which of your assets are included and the other guidelines they might have. For those who have valuable items that necessitate extraordinary care, consult the business whether they can supply your preferences. For example, you may need a storage apparatus which has climate control to protect against humidity and moisture. You need to also figure out how competitive their rates are and if their establishment is appropriately prepared to satisfy your storage demands.

Register Domain Name: Making The Correct Decisions

When we speak about obtaining your own internet site setup, obtaining your own internet domain is crucial. It is important to bear in mind that domains are an essential investment of every online business, something which can play a role in successful operations. It is through domain registrars that you are able to find a [...]

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